Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Heart Rate Zones

The Dash has several options for setting your heart rate zones. The heart rate zones used on the Dash will automatically update based on your FTHR setting unless you are using Automatic (Adaptive) zones, which will use your ride history to detect an increase or decrease in your FTHR.

You can also customize your training zone ranges, add and delete zones, and change zone colors through the Stages Cycling app.

To customize your heart rate zones:

  1. Open the Stages Cycling app
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Tap Zones from the top list of tabs.
  4. Tap the edit icon under Heart rate.

Heart rate zones in the Stages Cycling app

To set your heart rate zones:

Go to Settings > User settings > Heart rate zones > Method. From there you can select from one of the calculation methods in the table (below), or if you have set up custom zones, select Stages Cycling app to activate your custom zone settings.

Method Definition
Automatic (Adaptive) Automatic/adaptive zone calculation will adapt your zones based on heart rate data from the last 90 days.
Stages Uses the default Stages Preset zones seen in table below.
Friel Uses the Friel Preset zones seen in table below.
Stages Cycling app Uses customized training zones set up in Stages Cycling app.
Zone Name % of FThr
Zone 1 Recovery 0-64%
Zone 2 Endurance 65-84%
Zone 3 Tempo 85-91%
Zone 4 Threshold 92-99%
Zone 5 VO2 100-104%
Zone 6 Anaerobic 105%+
Zone Name % of FThr
Zone 1 Recovery 0-81%
Zone 2 Endurance 82-89%
Zone 3 Tempo 90-93%
Zone 4 Subthreshold 94-99%
Zone 5 Suprathreshold 100-102%
Zone 6 Superthreshold 103-106%
Zone 7 Anaerobic Capacity 107%+