Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Pan and Zoom

Map with pan and zoom overlay at the bottom of the screen

Press the Select button from the map page to access the Pan and Zoom tool. From the Pan and Zoom tool, use the forwardbackward, and select buttons to control the map.

Use the Select button to toggle through map tools, which are:

    • Magnifying glass displayed (magnifying glass) Zoom
    • Up and down arrows with horizontal line  (up/down arrows) Pan Up and Down
    • left and right arrows with vertical line (left/right arrows) Pan Left and Right
  • When Zoom is selected:
    • Plus (forward button) zooms in
    • Minus (backward button) zooms out
  • When Up/Down is selected:
    • Up arrow  (forward button) pans up
    • Down arrow (backward button) pans down
  • When Left/Right is selected:
    • Left arrow (forward button) pans left
    • Right arrow (backward button) pans right

Press Black X displayed (lap/back) to exit the pan and zoom tool.

Note: To access the in-ride menu from a map page, use the Start/Stop button to pause the ride.