Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide


USB charging port is located on the back of the Dash

To charge your Dash:

  1. Lightly lift the rubber dust cover (1) to allow access to the Micro-USB port (2).
  2. Insert the Micro-USB plug (3) into the port, and insert USB plug into certified USB 2.0 5V wall-mounted charger or USB 2.0 port on your computer (4).
  3. The Dash will take approximately 1-3 hours* to charge when plugged into a USB 2.0 5V power source.

*Device charging time varies depending on whether the display is powered on or off.

To confirm that your Dash is charging while the unit is off, press the power button to wake up the screen, which will display a battery image that shows the current battery level for 10 seconds. Press any button while the screen is awake to power on the Dash. If the Dash is not charging it will boot normally, without displaying the battery level screen.