Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Set Up Wizard

On first use, the Dash will prompt you with an initial set up wizard to get you started riding with the Dash. Select your language and the Dash will walk you through the basic operation of the Dash buttons.

The Dash set up wizard will also walk you through pairing to your phone through the Stages Link app, which will sync over your personal details from your Link account.

If you do not yet have a Stages Link account, you can start one now and set up your profile online and sync it to the Dash at the beginning of the start up wizard. Once you’re set up, install the Stages Link mobile app to sync your new Dash.

If you do not have a Link account, you can still enter all of this information through the set up wizard.

  • Units: Choose your units preference for distance, weight, and temperature.
  • Weight: Body weight will be used to calculate certain metrics, such as calories burned, w/kg for power, etc.
  • Age: Age will be used to estimate FTP (functional threshold power) or FThr (functional threshold heart rate).
  • Gender: Gender is not required, but can be used to calculate an estimate FTP and customize adaptive zones and preset workouts. You can choose male or female or remain unspecified here. All features are still available with an unspecified gender.
  • Power meter: If you use a power meter, select yes here. We will need an FTP in order to set up power zones. If you do not know your FTP, we can estimate it here.
  • Heart rate: If you use a heart rate monitor, select yes here. We will need to know your Threshold HR (FThr) in order to set up heart rate zones. If you do not know your FThr, we can estimate it here.
  • Workouts: If you plan on using the workouts function, select yes here. We will use this to determine whether to include ride profiles with workout fields enabled (in conjunction with your power meter and heart rate selection).

Once the initial setup is complete, you will have activity profiles customized based on the answers to your questions during setup.

See also: User settings.