Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Map Key

Map displayed with elevation graph at the bottom

The Dash’s on-board maps are color coded to help you determine which paths and roads are best for cycling. The map color coding differentiates between types of roads and paths, including paved and unpaved surfaces.

Here is a guide to some common color markings and symbols used on the maps and courses:

Symbol Map Item
Green line Multi-use path.
Purple line Dedicated bike lane.
Brown line Unpaved multi-use path.
Blue line Waterway or body of water.
Red line Path traveled during the current ride.
Half dark and light blue line Planned route of the selected course.
Note: For courses with overlapping tracks, the darker blue will indicate the upcoming direction of travel.
Arrow pointing to the right Direction indicator for the selected course.
Upwards arrow with a circle Current location on the map.
Blue dot Turn or POI labeled on the navigation cues.
Blue and clear end points Start and end points of the currently selected course.
North facing arrow Map orientation/Heading. See also: Map Orientation.
500 feet Map scale. Adjust using pan and zoom.
Blue dot with restroom point of interestBlue dot with bike symbol Additional points of interest will be labeled on the map, such as restrooms, bike shops, and other important locations.