Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Course Builder

To build a course using the Stages Cycling app:

  1. Go to Devices, then select your Stages Dash.
  2. On the Summary page, select Create a course.
  3. The course builder appears as a map:
    1. To create a custom course, tap streets or trails along the map to add control points that the route will follow.
    2. To create a course to a specific location, tap the magnifying glass and enter the name or address of your destination.
  4. When finished building the course, select the double checkmark icon in the bottom right corner.
  5. Select Ride now on Dash.

View our Course Builder article for an in-depth explanation of the buttons and other features.

To add a cue sheet for third-party courses in the Stages Cycling app:

The Stages Cycling app course builder can also add navigation cues to third-party courses that do not contain cues.

  1. Go to Devices, then select your Stages Dash.
  2. Select the Courses tab. Search for the course by name or filter by source.
  3. Tap the name of the course that was created on the third-party platform.
  4. Select Cue sheet.
  5. Select Tap to add cues to this course to automatically generate cues for the third-party course.