Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Smart Lights

Smart light data field with battery, dim battery, and front light location

Control and view smart light settings from your ride data pages:

  • Set and view location – Set the location of a smart light to front or rear. The front light is shown above the handlebars; the rear is shown behind the saddle.
  • Power on/off – Set your light to automatically turn on and off when you begin and end your rides (see “Auto Light On/Off,” below).
  • View battery level – The battery level of each connected light is indicated by a battery icon. The bars inside the battery icon will decrease from full (81-100%) to high, mid, low, and very low (0-20%).
  • Change blinking modes – Cycle through your light’s various modes, including signaling (if available).
Blinking modes
  Light bulb completely filled in with yellow filling Light bulb filled three-quarters with yellow filling Light bulb filled halfway Light bulb filled one quarter with yellow filling
Brightness: 81-100% Brightness: 61-80% Brightness: 41-60% Brightness: 21-40%
Light bulb partially filled in Dark light bulb Light bulb with a black A Light bulb with an exclamation point
Brightness: 0-20% Light beam Off Auto Hazard beam
Filled light bulb with three dotted lines to the right Filled light bulb with five dotted lines to the right Filled light bulb with dotted line on the right Blank light bulb
Slow flash Fast flash Random flash Unknown/ custom setting

To change your smart light settings from the data field, use the select button to pull up the navigation bar.

Blue overlay under the smart light data field


To pair to a smart light:

Select Connections > Manage sensors > Add sensors > Search via ANT and select the light from the list of devices.

When paired, you will be asked to assign a location to light (front or rear). To change the location, go to Connections > Manage Sensors > [Select Sensor] > Light Location.

Front and rear lights have unique icons that will display in the status bar after they are connected.

Auto Light On/Off

With the Auto on/off feature, the Dash can make sure your lights are turned on when a ride starts and when a ride ends, turn off your lights.

To turn Auto Light setting on or off, go to Connections > Manage Sensors > Select your light > Auto on/off.