Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Smart Lights

Control and view smart light settings from your ride data pages:

  • Set and view location – Set the location of a smart light to front or rear. The front light is shown above the handlebars; the rear is shown behind the saddle.
  • Power on/off – Set your light to automatically turn on and off when you begin and end your rides (see “Auto Light On/Off,” below).
  • View battery level – The battery level of each connected light is indicated by a battery icon. The bars inside the battery icon will decrease from full (81-100%) to high, mid, low, and very low (0-20%).
  • Change blinking modes – Cycle through your light’s various modes, including signaling (if available).
Blinking modes
Brightness: 81-100% Brightness: 61-80% Brightness: 41-60% Brightness: 21-40%
Brightness: 0-20% Light beam Off Auto Hazard beam
Slow flash Fast flash Random flash Unknown/ custom setting

To change your smart light settings from the data field, use the select button to pull up the navigation bar.


To pair to a smart light:

Select Main menu > Manage sensors > Search via ANT and select the light from the list of devices.

When paired, you will be asked to assign a location to light (front or rear). To change the location, go to Main Menu > Manage Sensors > [Select Sensor] > Light Location.

Front and rear lights have unique icons that will display in the status bar after they are connected.

Auto Light On/Off

With the Auto on/off feature, the Dash can make sure your lights are turned on when a ride starts and when a ride ends, turn off your lights.

To turn Auto Light setting on or off, go to Main Menu > Manage Sensors > Select your light > Auto on/off.