Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Smart Profiles

Smart profiles add preset pages based on sensors the Dash is connected to, including any GPS, power meters, cadence or speed sensors, heart rate monitors, trainers, and smart lights.

Enabling the smart setting

The Smart setting can be enabled on any profile (except for automatic profiles, which do this by default). To enable or disable the Smart setting:

Select Settings Smart and choose between:

  • Enabled: Smart pages are added to this profile based on existing metrics in data fields. New pages are added after existing pages in a profile.

Making any profile “smart” means it will check all data fields in the custom pages that already exist, and only add smart pages if specific metrics are not already present in the profile.

  • Disabled: No smart pages are added to this profile.

A new smart profile with no connected sensors will automatically add a summary page showing ride time, elapsed time, time of day, and battery level. If GPS and barometric pressure are detected, the profile will also auto-add:

  • Map page
  • Speed/Distance page – miles per hour (instant, average and maximum), total miles, and speed graph
  • Elevation page – Elevation, total ascent and descent, gradient, and elevation graph

Editing pages in-ride

Workouts added to a smart profile in-ride will prompt the Dash to add a workout summary page to the profile during the ride, and courses with navigation cues will prompt a cues page to be added. Any of the preset smart pages can be added in-ride, including any edits made to the page.