Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

Power Graph

Power is displayed as a bar colored by your personal training zones. The default scale of the power graph field is FTP + 10% to optimize the graph.

Zone Color
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5
Zone 6
Zone 7*

*Stages default power includes 6 zones, but more can be added when zones are customized on the Stages Link website.

FTP is shown on the graph as a dotted line. If the power output exceeds FTP+10% the graph will adjust scale to match the max value in the current span.

When that value is no longer displayed, as graphing data is replaced in a fixed span, the graph will readjust its scale to return to either the max power value or to FTP+10%.