Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Saddle Adjustment

Road bike with solid line indicating the distance between saddle height and bottom bracket.

A Saddle Height
B Saddle Fore-Aft

Saddle Height

Range: 52 cm-85.5 cm

  • If you know your saddle height, position the saddle using the laser-etched numbers along the sides of the seat post. These numbers indicate distance from the bottom bracket, just as you would measure on any outdoor bike.
  • If you do not already know your saddle height, adjust the saddle so that it is in line with your hips when standing beside the bike to obtain a baseline height. To make saddle height adjustments:
  1. Level and center the saddle.
  2. Turn the saddle height knob counter-clockwise and adjust the seat post so that the saddle is level with your hip. 
  3. Tighten the saddle height knob.
  4. Sit on the saddle and place your heel over the pedal axle with the cranks in vertical position. Your extended leg should have a 25-35 degree bend in the knee at its farthest point, without the hips rocking as you pedal.

Saddle Fore-Aft Position

Range: ±4 cm

To move your saddle forward or back, adjust the fore-aft position.

  • If you know your saddle fore-aft distance, use a measuring tape to find the same distance on the StagesBike (set your saddle height before doing so).
  • If you do not know your saddle fore-aft distance, start at the 0 mm position; then determine your fore-aft based on aligning your forward knee over the pedal spindle when the cranks are horizontal. Adjust as needed for comfort. To adjust the saddle fore-aft:
  1. Turn the saddle adjustment knob counter clockwise to loosen the fore-aft adjustment slider and set your saddle at the desired distance behind the bottom bracket.
  2. Sit on the bike and pedal the cranks, checking to see that your knees do not extend past the pedal spindle.
  3. To secure the slider, turn the adjustment knob clockwise.

Saddle fore-aft adjustment knob located behind the saddle.

The laser-etched numbers on the fore-aft slider will be useful to find this position again, particularly if there is more than one user for your StagesBike.

Saddle Angle

Any adjustments from the neutral position should be small and incremental. Tighten saddle clamp bolt to 30 N·m.