Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Updating Firmware

The StagesBike and the Stages Power L/R meters each have firmware. All can be updated through the Stages Cycling app.

To update the bike firmware:

    1. Make sure your bike is plugged in.
    2. Open the Stages Cycling app and select StagesBike SB20 from the Devices menu.
    3. Select Firmware from the Info menu.
    4. The app will check the firmware and display a red alert symbol if the firmware requires an update.

    Info menu displaying the name, serial number, and current firmware of the StagesBike

    Firmware is displaying a red alert icon, meaning a new firmware is available

    The app will disconnect from the bike once the update is complete and reconnect automatically.

    Visit the firmware release page for details on current and past firmware versions.

    To update power meter firmware:

    Check your power meter firmware version by selecting the power meter in the Devices menu. The firmware version will display a red alert symbol if they need to be updated.

    Red alert icon displays in the Firmware section for the power meter

    To initiate an update, select Firmware. Each power meter needs to be updated individually.