Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Dream Drive

Dream Drive is an optimized gearing that offers more resolution in setting resistance in Manual, Sim and Level modes. Dream Drive is essentially a virtual cassette that can have up to 50 gear increments, evenly spaced within a range of 0.5:1 – 5:1.

While using Dream Drive, the front gear function can be set to allow for larger shifts. Front (chainring) gearing can be adjusted to shift in increments of 1-10; rear (cassette) gearing adjustments are in increments of +/-1.

Dream Drive set to 3 front gears and 25 total gears.

Live gear display in Dream Drive will look like this:

Live gear display with current shifting position in blue.

Using the front shift button causes a bigger jump, depending on your front gear setting.

Live gear display with current gearing in blue.

To customize Dream Drive settings:

  1. Create a new virtual setup by pressing the plus (+) sign located to the right of the Virtual setups menu, or choose an existing virtual setup from the list in the Stages Link app.
  2. Set the number of gears changed up or down by the front gear shift controls.
  3. Set the number of gears in the rear cassette (1-50).