Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide


Preventative Maintenance Checklist

After each ride:

  • Wipe down with a soft cloth using water and a mild cleaner.
    Do not use products containing ammonium chloride.


  • Clean and lubricate sliding adjustment bars.
  • Clean underneath brake hoods.
  • Visually inspect all hardware components.


  • Check tightness of pedals and cleat bolts.
  • Inspect pedals and cleats for wear (broken bindings on pedals and wear in cleats). Replace or repair worn parts.
  • Check crank bolt torque (see table below).
  • Check power meter battery levels and change batteries as needed.
  • Check for firmware updates.


  • Inspect bottom bracket for tightness.
  • Replace bar tape and inspect handlebars for corrosion (recommended at 6 months for those who sweat heavily). In the event of corrosion, replace the handlebars.
Part Torque Specifications Tool Required
Pedal Refer to pedal manufacturer’s instructions. 42 N⋅m for Stages pedals. 15 mm pedal wrench
Handlebar Clamp 5 N⋅m 5 mm hex wrench
Crank Bolt 57 N⋅m 8 mm hex wrench
Front/Rear Stabilizers 20 N⋅m 6 mm hex wrench
Saddle 30 N⋅m 6 mm hex wrench
Tablet Mount Tighten until secure. 2.5 mm hex wrench