Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Control Modes

You can ride the StagesBike as a standalone bike with no additional applications or devices paired, or connect to devices and applications via Bluetooth or ANT+ to control resistance.

Manual mode

Manual mode is enabled any time there is no external controller sending commands to the bike. The StagesBike will default to manual mode:

    • When the StagesBike is powered on (plugged in)
    • After 15 minutes of inactivity

Change gears using the shift buttons, or use the brake levers to create resistance during a ride. In Manual mode, gear changes (through use of the shift buttons) affect the amount of resistance, and gradient is a constant 2% at all times.

Simulation mode

A connected application/device can send variables that result in different resistance levels to simulate riding factors such as:

    • Gradient
    • Windspeed
    • Rolling resistance

Press the shift buttons to respond to changes in simulation, such as an increase in gradient, just as you would when riding outdoors.

Erg mode

Target power, or “Erg” mode, is another mode in which connected application/device can use to control resistance. Erg mode controllers send a wattage value that the bike will attempt to maintain throughout a ride. The shifter buttons have no functionality in this mode—resistance is dependent on cadence and the controller device/application’s target power definition.

Level mode

Level mode is the third mode a connected application/device can use to control resistance. In this mode, the controller connects to the bike to request range of  possible resistance and breaks that range up into equal steps. In this mode, shift buttons will control resistance similar to adjusting a resistance knob or dial.

The number of levels is up to the controller. It can define one level or many. The bike will produce the least amount of resistance when level is the lowest, and 100% resistance at the maximum set level.

*To view ride data on the Stages Link app while using another app to control the bike, select External from the control panel. SB20 does not need to be set to external to work with another app—any app can pair to the bike and control it without going through the Link app.