Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide


Does the bike have power?

To confirm the bike has power, pedal the bike and press the brake levers. If the brake levers apply resistance, the bike has power. If the brakes do not apply resistance, check that the power cable is connected to both the bike and a working power outlet.

Back of bike with plug adjacent to power outlet and blue arrow pointing toward the outlet, and the other end pointing toward the power port on the rear stabilizer.

Shifters and/or brakes do not work

If the bike is powered on, but not responding to input from one or more shifter or brake, check to ensure the shift/brake controls are properly connected to the junctions on either side of the stem.

Close-up of shifter plug with flat side highlighted (gray) and dotted line pointing to the flat side of the plug port, towards the handlebar fore-aft slider.

If neither work, remove the nose cap from above the flywheel and check that the cable junction beneath the nose cap is properly seated.


Cable junction underneath the nose cap, with two blue arrows parallel to the cable connection point.


Resistance is working, but unable to set crank length

To complete set up of the bike, both power meters must be activated. Each power meter ships with a small plastic isolation tab under the battery. Loosen the battery door screws and remove the tabs; then tighten the screws to activate each power meter.

The power meters must be disconnected from all other devices and applications to set crank length.

Unable to connect to a device via Bluetooth

The bike should be broadcasting a Bluetooth and ANT+ signal anytime it is powered on. It is available to connect to both the Stages Link app and one other Bluetooth device at any time. If you are unable to connect to ANT+, confirm the bike has power and if needed, unplug the bike and plug it back in.

If you are unable to connect via Bluetooth:

  1. Reset the Bluetooth connection on your device.
  2. Restart the app.
  3. Attempt to pair again.

For Android devices, location services must be allowed when installing the app in order to allow for Bluetooth scanning.