Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Pairing Devices

The StagesBike advertises any time it is plugged in.

StagesBike ID appears on the right side of the pairing menu


When scanning for Bluetooth on your chosen phone or tablet, the StagesBike will appear as Stages Bike 1234, where 1234 is the last four digits of the serial number. The StagesBike can be connected via Bluetooth as the following:

  • Controllable bike trainer
  • Power source
  • Cadence source
  • Speed/Distance source

Bluetooth power meter connection

Pair the power meter to StagesBike via Bluetooth in places where there may be numerous wireless signals, or if power drops out in connected apps. The power meter will be invisible to other Bluetooth scanners when paired to the bike via Bluetooth.

To enable Bluetooth power meter connection, go to the Settings page of the Stages Bike Manager in the Link App and toggle Pair with Bluetooth on or off (under Power Meters).

'Pair with Bluetooth' setting toggled on.


When scanning on ANT+, the bike will appear in scanners as an FE-C device with an ANT+ ID of the last 4 digits of the serial number, excluding any leading zeros. When connected via ANT+, connected devices can:

  • Control mode and resistance variables.
  • Receive power, cadence, speed, and distance data from the bike.