Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Zero Reset

The zero offset is the sensor reading when the power meter has no pedaling load (torque) applied. The power meters should undergo zero reset calibration after the bike is assembled and the battery insulation tabs are removed. A zero reset should also be performed any time the bike is moved, or pedals are installed in a new position on the crank arms.

Auto Zero

The power meters will automatically update the zero-offset value after a period of inactivity. No action is required to enable this function, which detects if a zero reset can be performed and ensures the power meter is functioning at a high level of accuracy.

Manual Zero

To perform a zero reset:

  1. Spin the cranks at least one full rotation and then position them vertically.
    SB20 crank arm in vertical position.
  2. Select the Devices menu and select the StagesBike SB20.
  3. Select the Power Meters tab, then select Zero Reset.
  4. The zero reset can take up to 30 seconds. When complete, the zero reset values will be displayed in a pop-up notification.