Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Changing the Handlebars

To change the handlebars:

  1. Unplug the power cable from your StagesBike.
  2. Disconnect the shift/control wires from both sides of the base of the stem.
  3. Fold the rubber brake hoods forward to free the bar tape.
  4. Remove the textured tape from the center of the handlebars and place it on the frame for later use.
  5. Remove the electrical tape and use a flathead screwdriver to remove the bar plugs; then unwrap the bar tape.
  6. Remove the tape holding the shifter buttons and wires in place.
    Do not disconnect the shift/control wires from the brake hoods.
  7. Use a 5 mm hex wrench to loosen the brake lever clamp and slide the lever down to the end of the handlebar to remove it.
  8. Use a 4 mm hex wrench to loosen the stem clamp bolts (3) to remove the stem clamp and handlebars.
  9. Place the new handlebars onto the base of the stem and replace the stem clamp. Using a 4 mm hex wrench, tighten the stem bolts to 5 N·m. (Refer to the handlebar adjustment guide for guidance on positioning the bars.)
  10. Slide the brake hood clamps back onto the bars with the buttons facing in.
  11. Position the levers at a comfortable height and use a 5 mm hex wrench to secure the clamp bolt.
  12. Reconnect the shifter wires to the stem ports.
    The flat part of the plug must line up with the back of the stem clamp.
  13. Tape the shifter buttons in place on the handlebars with electrical tape.
  14. Wrap the handlebar tape clockwise starting from the bar end. Leave space in between the bar tape to access the accessory shift buttons.
  15. With scissors, cut any excess bar tape, then secure it with electrical tape.
  16. Tuck the bar tape into the bar end and reinstall the bar end plugs. Reinstall the textured tape on top of the electrical tape.
  17. Fold the brake hoods back down into their normal position.