Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Pedal Installation

ATTENTION: Verify right and left hand pedal sides before attempting to install. Incorrect installation or cross threading may cause damage to the StagesBike crank arms. See pedal manufacturer’s instructions for additional install help.

Note: Using a pedal with a wrench flat is recommended due to the solid enclosure of the StagesBike frame. While it may be possible to use a hex wrench to attach pedals to the crank, it is not recommended.

Tools required: 15 mm pedal wrench.

Once you have determined your preferred crank length, match the corresponding pedals to the left and right crank arms. Refer to pedal documentation for help determining which is the right and left pedal.

pedals labeled (L) and (R) with spindles facing inward

Note: User-left pedal threads counter-clockwise. User-right pedal threads clockwise.



Before installing, apply grease to pedal threads.

grease can applying grease to pedal threads



To attach the pedal, thread the spindle into the desired crank length position on the crank arm by hand to ensure the pedal threads into the crank arm without cross-threading.

 Blue arrow pointing to the left above left pedal and crank, indicating left pedal threading direction.



Once each pedal is threaded correctly, use a 15 mm pedal wrench to tighten the pedal.

Blue arrow pointing to the left above pedal wrench, left pedal and crank, indicating left pedal threading direction.


Use the Stages Link app to zero reset the Stages Power meters any time pedals are installed or moved to another crank length position.