Stages Bike - StagesBike SB20 User Guide

Choosing a Clamp Position

The stem clamp can be set up for a higher or lower bar position to accommodate a wide range of body proportions. The lower position is a good place to start for anyone under 5’8″ (172 cm), although anyone who is above this height and has shorter arms or torso may also want to use the lower clamp position to allow for a shorter reach distance.

Handlebars in the upper clamp position

Handlebars in the lower clamp position

Measure reach as the distance from the center of the handlebars back to the center of the bottom bracket (A) and stack as the height from the bottom bracket to the center of the bars (B). Take measurements from an outdoor bike that you want to use to set your fit on the SB20, then match those numbers to the tables below to determine the best clamp position for you.

Road bike with dotted lines indicating reach distance and stack height.

A Handlebar Reach
B Handlebar Stack
Handlebar Stack Ranges Minimum Maximum
High Clamp Position 62.5 cm 76 cm
Low Clamp Position* 54.5 cm 68 cm
Handlebar Reach Ranges Minimum Maximum
High Clamp Position 45 cm 55 cm
Low Clamp Position* 40.4 cm 50.4 cm

*When using the lower clamp position, add 8 cm to height and 4.6 cm to the reach to use the laser-etched numbers on the height and fore/aft sliders.

For instructions on changing the position of the stem clamp, refer to the Assembly Guide.