Dash L10 - Stages Dash L10 User Guide

Heart Rate Zones

Heart rate zones are calculated based on percentage of your Functional Threshold Heart Rate (FThr) and are commonly used for workout targets in order to give a range of intensity for an interval.

To view or edit heart rate zone settings, go to: Main Menu > Zones > Heart Rate.

Setting FThr and Max HR

Functional threshold heart rate (FThr) is an approximation of your highest sustainable heart rate for an hour effort. This number is the basis for setting your heart rate training zones, as well as calculating several heart rate based metrics that can be displayed in your data fields. If you are training with a heart rate monitor, you should enter an FThr value here. If you prefer to use and display HR metrics based on % Max Heart Rate, you may also enter your max heart rate here.

To enter your FThr, go to: Main Menu > Zones > Heart Rate > FThr or Max HR.

Note: FThr can also be updated under the Settings menu.

Estimate FTP or FThr

If you are new to training with a power meter or heart rate monitor, Stages Link will estimate your values during account creation. When you are ready, we recommend performing a threshold test. Having an accurate threshold value will assure that training zones and other metrics are calculated correctly.

Heart Rate Zone Calculation Method

The Dash comes preloaded with two preset options for calculating heart rate training zones based on FThr.

To update your zone calculation preference, go to: Main Menu > Zones > Heart Rate > Method > Stages or Friel.

Stages Heart Rate Zones

Zone Name % of FThr
Zone 1
Recovery 0-64%
Zone 2
Endurance 65-84%
Zone 3
Tempo 85-91%
Zone 4
Threshold 92-99%
Zone 5
VO2 100-104%
Zone 6
Anaerobic 105%+

Friel Heart Rate Zones

Zone Name % of FThr
Zone 1
Recovery 0-81%
Zone 2
Endurance 82-89%
Zone 3
Tempo 90-93%
Zone 4
Lactate 94-99%
Zone 5 (5a)
VO2 Max 100-102%
Zone 6 (5b)
Anaerobic 103-106%
Zone 7 (5c)
Power 107%+