Dash L10 - Stages Dash L10 User Guide

Riding with Dash

Before beginning a ride, confirm that the desired Activity Profile is selected and listed under the word Ride on the home screen. If not, see Changing Activity Profiles.

  • Press start/stop button to begin recording.
  • During a ride, all the settings in the current activity profile apply; see Activity Profiles for more information.

Pausing a Ride

Pressing the start/stop button will manually pause the ride. When a ride is paused, no data is recorded from sensors, so all averages and totals will not change. This can be useful when stopping for longer periods.

  • To resume a ride, simply press start/stop again or select Resume Ride from the on screen message.
  • After being paused for a long duration, the Dash will automatically go to sleep. Press / to wake up the Dash and resume the ride where you left off or save the ride if it has already been completed.
  • All previously recorded data will be retained upon entering sleep mode and can be saved or deleted by ending the activity. However, after 3 hours of sleep, the Dash will save the current ride and power off completely.

See Also: Sleep.

Note: Manually pausing a ride with the start/stop button is slightly different than pauses triggered by conditions in the ride, see Data Recording for more information.

Ending a Ride

Pressing the start/stop button Start/play icon. will display a Ride Paused on screen message with the following options:

  • Resume Ride: Continues recording ride.
  • End Ride and Save: Displays a brief ride summary and saves the activity to memory. Once ride is saved, a more in-depth summary of the ride is available that can be navigated using arrow buttons .
  • End Ride and Delete: Discards the ride from memory, returns to home screen.