Dash L10 - Stages Dash L10 User Guide

Manual Entry

ANT+ sensors have simple ANT+ IDs that can be entered and saved to the Dash without using the search function. If the sensor has a visible ANT+ ID, it can be added directly into the activity sensors list:

  1. Go to: Main Menu > Activity Sensors> Add Sensors > Manual Entry
  2. Select Sensor Type, then use the arrow buttons to select the correct sensor category.
  3. Press the enter button to confirm selection, then select Confirm.
  4. Locate the ANT+ ID number on your sensor and enter it into the number field.
    • Use the arrow buttons   to change the digit and then use the enter button  to advance to the next digit.
    • Note that if your sensor ID is shorter than the number of fields, it should be preceded by 0s.

See Also: Large Number Editor.