Dash L10 - Stages Dash L10 User Guide

Editing Widgets

The text editor widget allows customization of Activity Profile and Sensor names. While using the text editor, the button functions are as follows:

Scrolls letter selection up
Scrolls letter selection down
Advances to the next character
Changes the list of letters to choose from
Long Press: Save and Exit
Long Press: Cancel and Exit

Once you have completed your changes, press and hold the enter button  to save your changes.

Additionally, activity profile and sensor names can be edited on Stages Link in the Dash manager tab.

Large Number Editor

The large number editor functions exactly like the text editor, but is restricted to numerical inputs.

Small Number Editor

The small number editor allows the user to quickly edit numbers less than 1000. To use the small number editor, press the arrow buttons    to change the digit, then use the enter button  to save.