Dash L10 - Stages Dash L10 User Guide

.fit Export

The Dash L10 records data into the .rde (Stages Ride File) file format that allows it to log more data than other bike computers. Since this format is designed to be used with Stages Link and may not work with all other third party sites, an option is included to convert all files to the .fit format upon completion of the activity.

Note: If enabled, the Dash will take extra time to save the file at the end of each ride.

To change .fit export setting, go to: Main Menu > Settings > .fit Export.

  • Disabled: Saves only the .rde (Stages Ride File).
  • Enabled: Saves ride file in both .rde (activities directory) and .fit format (fit directory).

To convert files via USB, see: Stages Sync.