Dash L10 - Stages Dash L10 User Guide

Riding a Workout

Workouts are ordered laps with prescribed effort that help a rider train properly. Stages Link can provide workouts and sync them to the Dash via USB (Stages Sync™) or Bluetooth (Stages Link app).

All workout data is saved directly to the ride file when riding the workout. Upon completion, uploaded ride files will be given a compliance score on Stages Link.

To select a workout to ride:

  1. Go to: Main Menu > Courses & Workouts
  2. Choose from:
    • Select Workout from Calendar: Lists all workouts coming up from your Stages Link training calendar by date.
    • Other Workouts: Lists all workouts imported manually onto the Dash.
  3. Select a workout from either of these lists to view an on screen message with a description of the workout.
  4. Select Start Ride to begin a ride with the selected workout file.