Dash L10 - Stages Dash L10 User Guide

Additional Workouts Features

After selecting a workout to complete on the Dash, use the Dash display to follow on screen prompts to complete each step of the workout and preview upcoming steps using the Next Laps or Lap Text fields.

Navigating Laps

Within the workout, use the lap button to advance to the next lap. By default, laps under 1 minute will complete automatically and advance to the next lap without a button press. If you have advanced a lap in error, press and hold the lap button to go back a lap.

Inner/Outer Laps

A workout can also prescribe inner laps to be performed within a larger main interval. This allows for flexibility to perform specific shorter efforts anywhere within a longer ride duration. The Dash can track time of both the main interval and the prescribed efforts within the main interval. Inner laps will be indicated in the lap number field (This lap #) by decimal points, i.e. lap 1.1 would indicate the first step of the first main interval.

Previewing Laps

Current and upcoming lap targets can be previewed using the Next Laps workout field. Next Laps information may include the lap, time, power, heart rate, cadence, and RPE prescribed for the current and upcoming laps.

Lap Descriptions

The text descriptions associated with each step of the workout can be viewed using the Lap Text field. This field will show text for the current and upcoming lap and can be used to add in additional reminders or areas of focus that don’t fall within the normal target ranges.