Dash L10 - Stages Dash L10 User Guide


Laps allow the rider to keep track of specific segments of a ride through use of the lap button . At ride start, the first lap also starts recording lap totals and averages. Each time the rider presses the lap button, the lap re-starts and begins recording averages and totals from the beginning of the current lap. Laps are very useful for riding a workout, as well as keeping track of more specific parts of rides, such as pacing up a climb.

  • Upon pressing the lap button, a new lap will begin automatically and any lap-based data fields will restart to include only the current lap.
  • A summary of the previous laps will be shown with an overlay message.
  • A lap summary field can also be added to one of your ride pages.
  • All lap data will be saved into the ride file for post-ride evaluation.