Power Meter - Stages Power Meter User Guide


The power meter is able to measure both power and cadence using the meter’s strain gauges and accelerometer. Every Gen 3 Stages Power meter also has two additional features that can be utilized for improved cadence readings in less common riding situations.

Gyroscope cadence

Within normal use, the gyroscope is not needed; it can be enabled to improve cadence values in certain bumpy riding conditions, such as mountain biking or gravel riding. The gyroscope is disabled by default to conserve battery.

To enable or disable the gyroscope:

  1. Open the Stages Cycling app.
  2. Select the Bluetooth icon from the lower menu to access the Devices page.
  3. Rotate the crank arm at least one full rotation to awaken the power meter.
  4. Select your power meter from the list or, if you have not previously connected, select Add device > Power meter, then select your power meter from the list.
  5. Once the power meter is connected, toggle the Gyro setting ON (blue toggle) at the bottom of the menu.
  6. To disable the gyro feature, repeat these steps and toggle the switch OFF (grey toggle).

Magnet cadence

Magnet cadence, which can be useful in high torque/low RPM conditions (such as high gear training or standing starts on the track), can also be enabled with the Stages Power meter.

To use this feature:

  1. Attach the magnet to the chainstay so that it is within 2-3 mm of the power meter, between the edge of the battery door and LED as it passes.
  2. After approximately 10 rotations, the power meter will switch to magnet cadence mode until the next sleep.
  3. Upon switching to magnet mode, the LED flashes blue.