Power Meter - Stages Power Meter User Guide


Error Codes

An error code may be displayed if the zero reset or calibration fails. Please note the possible error codes below and corrective action that should be taken.

Code Numbers Corrective Action
0 Zero reset has timed out. Rotate the cranks to wake up the sensor, then attempt the zero reset procedure again.
1, 2, 4, 16 Simply attempt the zero reset procedure again. If code remains after several attempts, please contact technical support.
32 Power meter crank not in proper position (vertical). See Zero Reset Procedure.

If no power (watts) or cadence (RPM) signal is being received by your compatible display unit when riding the bike, please confirm the following items:

  1. Confirm that a working CR2032 battery is properly installed in the power meter. See Battery Installation.
  2. Ensure that the power meter has been successfully paired to the display unit being used according to the manufacturer’s specific instructions.
  3. Connect to the Stages Cycling app to confirm the power meter is powered on and functional.

LR Power

When using a Stages Power LR unit, the left side serves as the main unit, with the right side sending signals to the left. If the battery dies on one side, the remaining power sensor can function as a single-sided power meter and continue providing power.

  • When paired via ANT+, no action is required, as power meter will automatically convert to single sided power meter after a period of time receiving no signal from the opposing side.
  • When paired via Bluetooth, the left power sensor will function alone if the right side battery dies. If the left sensor battery dies, however, simply add the right sensor as a new Bluetooth sensor.

Upon completion of the ride, replace the battery in the corresponding side (see Battery Installation) to resume normal function of your LR power meter.


Additional support content is available on the Stages Cycling website: support.stagescycling.com