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Coin cell battery warning

Coin cell battery warning iconWARNING: This product contains a lithium button/coin cell battery. Keep coin cell batteries out of reach of children.

  • Swallowing may lead to serious or fatal injury in as little as 2 hours, due to chemical burns and potential perforation of the esophagus.
  • Never allow children to replace coin cell batteries of any device.
  • If you suspect your child has swallowed or inserted a coin cell battery, call the 24-hour Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 (US) or 13 11 26 (Australia) for immediate assistance.
  • Regularly examine devices and make sure the battery compartment is correctly secured, e.g. that the screw or other mechanical fastener is tightened. Do not use if the compartment is not secure.
  • Dispose of used coin cell batteries immediately and safely out of the reach of children. A battery can still be dangerous even when it can no longer operate the device.
  • Inform others about the risks associated with coin cell batteries and how to keep their children safe.