Power Meter - Stages Power Meter User Guide

Linking Left and Right Power Meters

If a single-sided power meter is purchased as an addition to an existing single-sided power meter, the two must be linked together to perform as an LR unit. Before pairing two Stages Power meters, download and install the Stages Cycling app.

  1. Open the Stages Cycling app.
  2. Select the Bluetooth icon from the lower menu to access the Devices page.
  3. Rotate the power meter crank(s) one rotation to ensure it is awake.
  4. Select Add device > Power meter, then select your left power meter from the list.
  5. Once the power meter is connected, select Left/Right pairing.
  6. Select your right-side power meter from the BLE Scan list. Select Continue to pair the set.
  7. To use the power meters separately, repeat this process and select Unpair from the Left/Right pairing menu.

Note: Once two meters are linked as an LR unit, only the left power meter’s ANT+ ID will be visible.