Stages App - Stages Link App Release Notes

The Stages Link app has been replaced by the Stages Cycling app. Please download the new app to manage your Stages devices in one all-inclusive app.

1. Go to the Google Play or Apple App store and search for Stages Link.

2. If an update is available, select Update.

Date: 1/27/21 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.9.3

Replaces Release #: 2.9.2


  • Fixed an issue with power being cut off in the control page with large font settings.

Date: 1/12/21 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.9.2

Replaces Release #: 2.9.1


  • Stages Dash M50 and L50 2.5.1 smart profile and smart lights update.

Date: 12/9/20 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.9.1

Replaces Release #: 2.9.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Stages Link app for iOS will not require StagesBike to be paired before each use.

Date: 10/28/20 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.9.0

Replaces Release #: 2.8.0


  • Manage Dash maps in the Link app.
  • Get Dash firmware update links from the Link app.
  • Moved inbox, body metrics and wellness ratings options to the “User” category in the account settings.


  • Improved power meter pairing with numerical ID entry.
  • Added toggle to enable BLE connection between StagesBike and power meter.
  • Connected devices are now listed under the device manager in the sidebar for quick access.
  • Support for added profile settings in Dash 2.5, including smart profiles, activity type, and auto lap triggers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resistance on gradient changes no longer give too much or too little resistance.
  • Android bonding request now asks for confirmation.

Date: 09/29/20 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.8.0

Replaces Release #: 2.7.3


  • Audio tone and haptic feedback setting for gear shifting.
  • Audio tone when successfully connected to StagesBike (or three vibrations if phone is set to silent).
  • Power averaging at 1s, 3s, or 10s.
  • Power meter connectivity indicator and troubleshooting menu.


  • Increased Dream Drive ratio range to 0.5:1 – 5:5 to assist with steep gradients in third party apps (previously 1:1 – 5:5).

Date: 07/20/20 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.7.3

Replaces Release #: 2.7.2


  • Better translations for StagesBike manager.

Bug Fixes:

  • Paired sensors are saved when changing settings on Link web and syncing with Link app.
  • Dash page fields can now be made 4 wide from the Link app.