Stages App - Stages Cycling App Release Notes

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Date: 03/08/24 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v4.0.0

Replaces Release #: v3.12.1/3.12.2

New features:

  • Workout Builder: Build custom zone-based workouts using the workout builder.
    • Workouts can be ridden in the app on your Stages SB20 or synced to your Dash.
    • Choose targets based on zone and preview target power based off your FTP setting.
    • Choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4-part blocks. Easily add repeats for your 2-4 step blocks.
    • Add descriptive information for each step to appear on screen during your workout.
    • Workouts are saved in a cloud library to be ridden on any of your devices.
    • Add workouts to your calendar to plan your training schedule.


  • Various improvements to the horizontal layout on tablets.


  • Stages Link and Today’s Plan connections have been removed due to the upcoming closure of Today’s Plan. Some features that utilized the Stages Link connection have been disabled until replacement features are built on the Stages Cloud platform.

Date: 01/22/24 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.12.2 (iOS only)

Replaces Release #: v3.12.1

Bug fixes:

  • Users are no longer returned to the wrong tab after adding a connection.
  • Page no longer stutters when logging in via email.

Date: 01/22/24 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.12.1

Replaces Release #: v3.12.1

New feature:

  • Laps tab: Use the laps tab to keep track of your intervals while doing indoor workouts on the Ride page. View lap averages for current and previous apps.


  • Display courses library on all of a user’s devices.
  • Add a non-DNS IP to the connectivity check to reduce ‘No network’ error on private networks.
  • Added Dash metric fields for electronic shifting.

Bug fixes:

  • Lap selection graph display issue fixed.
  • Cadence and LR balance fields no longer flicker on Android.
  • Smart bike control mode is no longer set upon connection, causing unwanted resistance changes.
  • UI fixes for Apple Health on the connections page.
  • Activating a course from the app during an active ride loads correctly on the Dash device.
  • Cadence returns to 0 on the ride page when coasting.
  • Today’s Plan workouts sync as expected and can be sent to the Dash.
  • Fixed divide by zero issue causing a grey screen on the ride summary page after uploading a completed activity.
  • “Enjoying the app?” prompt no longer persists after a user has dismissed it.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Date: 11/20/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.12.0

Replaces Release #: v3.11.1


  • New course builder: The course builder has been completely overhauled to add significant features.
    • Cloud library: New courses will be saved to your cloud library (now accessible from your home tab). (Note: Your old courses are only saved to the app, so sync them to your Dash if you want them saved forever).
    • Course settings: Course settings allow you to turn your course into an out and back, reverse the direction, plot points manually, or change the directions mode (cycling, walking, or driving).
    • Course elevation: Courses now include an elevation profile and are compatible with Dash climb feature.
    • Start/stop points: Course endpoints are now color-coded in green and red to make starting and ending points more obvious while building a course.


  • Power data now syncs to Apple Health.
  • Adding clearer first and last name fields to the registration page.
  • WHOOP heart rate devices can be paired to the devices for use on the Ride page.
  • Added an icon to indicate when a connection has saved credentials but is currently disabled on the Profile > Connections page.

Bug fixes:

  • Activity view map and graph are no longer truncated for longer activities on iOS devices.
  • Pairing two sensors no longer results in dropped distance values that could create a discrepancy between average speed and distance on the Ride page.
  • Paused time no longer creates a discrepancy between the slider view and selection summary data.

Date: 10/02/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.11.1

Replaces Release #: v3.11.0


  • Updating FTP in the app updates the zone method to Stages Cycling app to honor app settings for FTP and zones.
  • Improved text spacing and word wrap for localized text that exceeded the available space.
  • Number and date formatting in the profile settings page is now localized.

Bug fixes

  • Course builder no longer stalls while saving a course.
  • Logging out and back into the app no longer resets your name to the name set at registration.
  • The average LR Balance is now calculated correctly on the ride summary page.
  • T-score is now calculated using ride time instead of elapsed time on the Stages Cloud ride summary page.
  • File uploading dialog dismisses as expected when uploading Dash ride via Bluetooth.
  • Scheduled workout value formatting is updated to no longer overflow outside of the viewable screen area.
  • Weight entry dialogue no longer changes the value to 0 when tapping outside of the dialogue window.
  • Logging out of Ride With GPS connection works correctly.
  • Pairing to a Dash via Bluetooth only (no QR code) works correctly.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Date: 9/11/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.11.0

Replaces Release #: v3.10.2


  • Push notifications: Push notifications are added for a new ride processed or new firmware available for one of your devices. Enable or disable these notifications under Profile > Notifications > Push notifications.


  • Ride page improvements to show smoother data and better graphing of metrics.
  • Various minor improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Distance no longer accumulates when the ride page is active, but no pedaling is occurring.
  • Fixed text overlap issues for some dialogues.
  • Attempting to view a bad file file in the app no longer causes a crash.
  • The target power cursor no longer turns black on iOS devices.
  • Averages no longer go to 0 when coasting on the Ride page.
  • Dash metric names are no longer in caps to reduce text overlap when building profile pages.
  • The calendar page is now localized instead of incorrectly using English month and day names.

Date: 7/5/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.10.2

Replaces Release #: v3.10.1


  • Selfloops added to Profile > Connections.
  • Updated Dash pages to more closely match the UI of the Dash itself.
  • Improved dark mode color scheme.
  • Backend improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • Long metric names wrap correctly on Dash pages.
  • Workouts with long names show up correctly.
  • Calendar refreshes elevation when manually updated on Stages Link.
  • Third-party connections no longer poll forever.
  • The calendar page no longer flashes when viewing and backing out of activities.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Date: 5/25/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.10.1

Replaces Release #: v3.10.0


  • Improved power meter zero reset screen.
  • Updated SB20 manager setups images.

Bug Fixes:

  • Training time no longer displays Elapsed time on the ride review page.
  • Changing the month through the calendar icon does not show the month you changed to.
  • Averages no longer go to zero when coasting on the Ride page averages tab.
  • SB20 controller button text shows up correctly in dark mode.
  • SB20 controller grade adjustment buttons swapped.
  • Course sharing now works as expected on iPads.
  • Various other bug fixes.


Date: 5/8/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.10.0

Replaces Release #: v3.9.4


  • New Smart Bike controller interface.


  • Stages Workout Library added to the Dash > Workouts tab.

Bug Fixes:

  • Cue sheet count no longer remains at zero after adding cues.
  • Summary metric list displays all items correctly.
  • Canceling the ride upload overlay no longer causes a corrupt activity fit files when continuing the activity.
  • Added a timeout and pop up dialog when StagesLink sign-in takes too long.

Date: 4/19/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.9.4

Replaces Release #: v3.9.3


  • Dash power zone and heart rate zone calculation method added to the General tab.
  • Wi-Fi credentials are now app-specific instead of Dash-specific.
  • Improved non-structured workout card in the Calendar feed.
  • Removed title header from Home, Device, and Profile pages to increase viewable space.

Bug Fixes:

  • Target power on the StagesBike control pages updates to the next power target when advancing to the next workout step.
  • GPX files from Whatsapp can be shared with the Stages Cycling app.
  • Workout fit files shared to the app no longer show up as courses.
  • Previous user details no longer bleed over into the Profile page when logging into the app as a different user.
  • Map preview removed from ride review page when no GPS data is present.
  • Settings tab updates immediately when switching between Imperial and Metric units.
  • Trainer Road workouts now syncing as expected.
  • Saving course overlay dismisses after a course is saved.


Date: 4/3/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.9.3

Replaces Release #: v3.9.2

Bug Fixes:

  • Rides files recorded in the app upload in their local time zone instead of GMT.
  • Power meter pairing fixes when auto connect is enabled.


Date: 3/30/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.9.2

Replaces Release #: v3.9.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Indoor rides no longer display a map (unless a virtual map is present).
  • Power meters set to auto-connect now show up on the ride page.
  • App no longer takes a long time to respond when pairing to some Bluetooth sensors.


Date: 3/28/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.9.1 (iOS only)

Replaces Release #: v3.9.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Hot fix for iOS app freezing upon launch.


Date: 3/17/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.9.0

Replaces Release #: v3.8.0


  • Apple Health integration: Connect your Stages Cycling app to the Apple Health app to sync your ride data to Apple health, including:
    • Map of the activity
    • Heart rate data from the activity
    • Total cycling distance
    • Workouts
  • New Activity summary page: The new extended activity summary page features:
    • Customize panels to display metrics for the ride, selection, laps, or peak power.
    • Pinch and zoom to select a portion of the ride graph.
    • Use the lap selection to tap individual laps and view lap metrics.
    • Toggle metrics on and off the graph.
    • View time in zones chart for power and heart rate.
    • View peak power or peak heart rate curve or table and customize the comparison period.
    • Various other improvements.


  • Updated smart bike control behavior when riding workouts to use simulation mode when the workout is paused and when the last workout step is completed. Erg mode does not begin until the workout is started.
  • Improved logic for when to show the pairing required screen on the ride page.
  • All scheduled workout types, not just cycling, appear in the activity feed.
  • Metrics with no data are hidden on the ride page.
  • Phone location is used instead of last ride location to display the weather in the activity feed.
  • Upon completing a workout on the ride page, the workout graph continues to graph your ride data after the last step is finished.
  • The app returns you to the last used page after exiting and returning to the Stages app.
  • Users are now brought back to the app after successful third-party authentication

Bug Fixes:

  • Ride with GPS courses list can display over 100 courses.
  • App no longer crashes after hitting back from the power meter page when the “save power meter” box is unchecked while pairing.
  • Resolved fit file errors for Ride page recordings uploaded to Garmin Connect.
  • Course builder refreshes after saving and opening the course builder twice in a row.
  • Ride page 3s average power display issues resolved.
  • Updated the filtering on the SC bike pairing page so only SC bikes appear.
  • Stages Link custom workouts render properly in the app.
  • Phone call notifications appear on Dashes connected to the Android app.
  • Fixed a display issue with the erg mode controller handle.
  • User birthdate no longer slowly moves back in time.
  • Left/right balance in the ride summary is no longer reversed.
  • Smart bike crank length displays up-to-date setting.
  • Ride screen properly recognizes reconnects from a paired power meter.
  • User weight in the profile section updates to match the user weight in the calendar.


Date: 2/14/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.8.0

Replaces Release #: v3.7.1


  • Give us a rating or let us know how we are doing! The app now prompts users for reviews or feedback.
  • Stages Indoor Cycling SC bikes added as supported devices.
  • Default zone colors updated to a standardized format across all devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • Erg mode control commands improved to make controlling the smart bike more predictable.
  • Veloviewer exported courses shared with the app are able to be sent to the Dash.
  • The cancel button in the power meter pairing screen cancels the process correctly.
  • Fit files created by the app recorder contain time zone information.
  • Zone color editing always saves properly after edits are made.
  • The workout graph scales correctly on landscape tablets.


Date: 1/10/23 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.7.1

Replaces Release #: v3.7.0


  • Support for sharing .tcx files with the Stages Cycling app.
  • Updates to the new workout library in the ride tab.


Date: 12/21/2022

Current Release #: v3.7.0

Replaces Release #: v3.6.1


  • Follow a workout: Select a workout to follow and record your ride in the Stages Cycling app.
    • Select a workout from the new Workout tab on the Ride page. Workouts are sourced from connected accounts under Profile > Connections or selected from the Stages Cloud library.
    • Workouts are displayed in a workout graph, which overlays your power on the graph as you complete the workout.
    • Workout controls allow you to move forward and backward a step and adjust the workout scale.
    • Connect a StagesBike SB20 to complete a workout in Erg mode.


  • Ride recording page improvements:
    • Ride pages support tablet display screen sizes.
    • Ride page directs users to pair devices before beginning a ride.
    • Title bar removed from the ride page to increase display space.
    • Power wheel text color changes for light and dark modes.
    • Rides completed in the app show the ride summary after the upload completes.
    • Improved default names for rides completed in the app.
  • FTP line added to the workout preview graph.
  • Partially completed workouts show a workout graph in the activity feed.
  • Workout graph y-axis set to a max of 125% FTP to optimize legibility for workouts that include sprint efforts.
  • 7-zone option added to onboarding and the power zones page.
  • Updated the power meter scanner design.
  • Status indicator added to power meter pairing functionality.
  • Weather added to the activity feed for users that have Stages Link connected. Last uploaded ride file location is used for the weather forecast.
  • Additional settings added to Profile settings page.
  • Default activity titles for Dash uploads are given a friendlier name.
    • Morning activity: 00:00 – 11:59
    • Afternoon activity: 12:00 – 16:59
    • Evening activity: 17:00 – 19:59
    • Night activity: 20:00 – 23:50
  • StagesBike connection improvements.
  • Ability added for Club owners to disable dual Bluetooth connections on their smart bikes (with special permissions code).

Bug Fixes:

  • Unstructured workouts from TrainingPeaks are now handled properly in the feed.
  • Power meter zero reset errors fixed.
  • Courses from Strava now have elevation profiles when synced to the Dash.
  • Activity names no longer show up with underscores.
  • Resolved some display issues for users with a larger text setting on their mobile device.
  • Various fixes for the share file functionality.
  • Various translation fixes.


Date: 11/16/2022

Current Release #: v3.6.1

Replaces Release #: v3.6.0


  • Back end improvements.


Date: 11/14/2022

Current Release #: v3.6.0

Replaces Release #: v3.5.0


  • Ride recording page updates:
    • Control ride recording
    • Distance/Speed graph
    • Calories/Cal/h graph
  • Averages tab added to Ride recording, which includes:
    • Average power and graph
    • Average heart rate and graph
    • Average cadence and graph
    • Average LR balance and graph
  • Revamped permissions for BLE sensor pairing.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sharing completed ride files with iOS native share functionality includes the FIT file as an attachment.
  • Android phone notifications appear on the Dash.
  • Fixed Komoot connection cancelation when canceled from the Komoot side.
  • Profile changes are no longer allowed while Dash is syncing to prevent errors in the syncing process.
  • Other bug fixes.


Date: 10/26/2022

Current Release #: v3.5.0

Replaces Release #: v3.4.0


  • Dash sync improvements – The Dash syncing process has been completely reworked to make sync more robust, report status, and increase speed to sync settings and files.
  • Tablet support – Added landscape mode to the home tab. Certain screen-size tablets will see a left-side menu bar instead of a bottom menu bar when rotated.
  • Activity feed updates – Improved look and feel of the activity feed. Tap the plus button on the header for any day to record body and sleep metrics or add manual activity. Tap any body or sleep metric to view a graph of that metric over time.
  • Summary graph updates – Summary tab graphs are cleaner and more informative.


  • Share courses from the Trailforks app by selecting the Stages Cycling app from your phone’s share dialogue.
  • All workouts show up in the feed as a zone-colored workout graph.
  • Plus button added to the course tab of the Dash manager to make it easier to create new courses.

Bug Fixes:

  • Strava courses edited in Strava are updated in the Dash manager courses list.
  • Various Dash sync fixes.


Date: 09/28/2022

Current Release #: v3.4.0

Replaces Release #: v3.3.0/3.3.1


  • Improved power meter management – The power meter manager has been significantly enhanced for Gen 1, 2, and 3 Stages Power meters and is divided into 3 sections (Info, Data, and Advanced). New troubleshooting modes can be accessed remotely by the customer when receiving technical support from Stages.
  • Commercial mode – For technicians using the app to update multiple power meters, you can now disable the option to save power meters. Add a new device, select power meter, tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the power meter search page, then uncheck Save power meter.


  • User weight is sent to connected TrainingPeaks accounts (disconnect and reconnect your TrainingPeaks account connection to enable).
  • Comparison period options added in the peaks graph in the ride detail section.
  • Time-in-zone tooltip appears when tapping zones on the zone graph in the ride detail section.
  • Any course can be shared using the phone’s native share functionality.
  • Edit courses created in the app after saving them.
  • Ride with GPS connection uses OAUTH2 protocol, and users will be prompted to reconnect.
  • When a new field is created in the page editor, it is the field selected for metric editing.
  • Side scroll ability added between Calendar, Summary, and Fitness tabs.
  • Data handling updated to Data settings, and preset settings added in the Dash manager.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple improvements to third-party connection ride sync.
  • Fixes to the course builder.
  • Activities will be deleted when requested from the ride summary.
  • Whatsapp notifications on Dash via Android app are now working correctly.
  • Various other bug fixes.


Date: 07/19/2022

Current Release #: v3.3.1 (iOS Only)

Replaces Release #: v3.3.0


  • Fixes to support 3.1.0 Stages Dash release.


Date: 07/05/2022

Current Release #: v3.3.0

Replaces Release #: v3.2.0


  • Course builder and navigation to any point – Create a course in the Stages Cycling app by tapping on a map:
    • Create a course by searching for any location.
    • Create a course by tapping on the map.
    • Edit existing waypoints for seamless navigation.
    • Add waypoints to existing course lines for additional control over the route.
    • New courses include navigation cues.
    • Send courses made in the app directly to the Dash.
    • Save courses for later use. Saved courses appear in the course library within the Dash manager.


  • Add navigation cues feature added for courses that do not already include navigation cues.
  • Convert any completed ride to a course and save the course to the list of courses.
  • TrainingPeaks users can now view their planned workouts in the calendar.
  • Better error handling for LR pairing of Stages power meters.
  • Komoot connections no longer require entering a username.
  • New warning dialogs added to the Dash summary page. Tapping them directs to where issues can be fixed and dismissing them removes them completely.
  • A delete account data option is now available.
  • LR balance, max heart rate, max power, and max speed display on the ride summary page.
  • Numerous third party activity upload improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sharing completed ride files with iOS native share functionality now includes the FIT file as an attachment.
  • Shared courses on Android are now displayed in the Dash course tab.
  • Force quitting no longer deletes the Ride with GPS connection.
  • Playing a song on Spotify on Android no longer generates multiple notification events on the Dash.
  • Course lists can now be more than 49 courses long.
  • Longer text no longer overflows for some buttons.
  • General file transfer improvements have been made, iOS no longer sends an empty file to the Dash.
  • Fixed an out of place icon in the Dash page editor tool.


Date: 05/23/2022

Current Release #: v3.2.0

Replaces Release #: v3.1.0


  • Added a summary page to the Dash manager.
  • Added ride averaging in the Ride page for summary metrics.
  • Simplified the StagesBike controller.
  • Added recommended settings for third party connections to the StagesBike info page.
  • Added a warning to the Dash summary page when there are no Wi-Fi networks saved to the Dash and when the Dash has no maps.
  • Added a Wi-Fi check for selecting a map download via Wi-Fi. If a Wi-Fi network is not saved, a prompt to add one will display.
  • Split StagesBike shifting feedback into 2 separate settings: Audio and Vibrate.
  • Added an option to delete account entirely from the Stages Cycling app.

Bug Fixes: 

  • iOS app display all available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Android app bottom bar no longer hides various Continue and Confirm buttons.
  • StagesBike control mode icons are now visible in both light and dark mode.
  • Fitness page spinner no longer persists indefinitely.
  • Wi-Fi networks with no password can be sent to the Dash.


Date: 04/07/2022

Current Release #: v3.1.0

Replaces Release #: v3.0.1


  • Target power control tool – When the target power control mode is selected, a new tool has been added to change target power:
    • Manual number editor – Current target power displays in the middle of the screen under the StagesBike tab on the Ride screen. This value can be edited by tapping the plus and minus buttons above or below the numbers.
    • Zone slider – Customizable power zones slider added to the StagesBike tab on the Ride screen. The left of the slider is always set to 0w, and the right is a customizable number in watts. The max target power can be changed under the StagesBike manager, with the default setting set to 500w.
  • Revised control mode selector
    • Control modes are now managed by tapping the icon in the top right corner of the StagesBike section on the Ride screen.
  • Activity achievements – Achievements are displayed on the ride summary page when connected to Stages Link web.


  • Added auto connect setting for power meters and heart rate monitors.
  • Added a preset workout toggle to the workout tab in the Dash manager.
  • Revamped search and filter design for courses and workouts.
  • Added a checkmark for all active connections.
  • Improved profile and name editing.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fitness and Summary tabs on the Home page now display data for free and paid subscribers.
  • After updating StagesBike firmware, the app reconnects to the bike successfully.
  • Added missing translations.
  • Deleting a ride instead of saving no longer displays a syncing notification.
  • Invalid Ride with GPS files no longer appear as courses.
  • Firmware update icon reliably displays update status.
  • Correct average speed displays on the ride summary page.
  • Eat and drink reminders can be edited.
  • Name and description for completed rides send to connected platforms.


Date: 03/24/2022

Current iOS Release #: v3.0.1

Replaces iOS Release #: v3.0.0


  • Improved UI for editing profile names and other names in the app to ensure name change is saved.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Email consent preference persists after reinstallation of the app.
  • Profile orientation can no longer be changed for existing Dash profiles to avoid strange page layout results.
  • Average speed now displays correctly on the ride summary page.
  • Dash firmware update icon consistently appears when there is an update available.
  • App no longer crashes when it attempts to connect to the SB20.
  • LR balance is no longer reversed on the Ride page.


Date: 03/09/2022

Current Release #: v3.0.0

Replaces Release #: n/a

  • Initial release