Stages App - Stages Cycling App Release Notes

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Date: 09/28/2022

Current Release #: v3.4.0

Replaces Release #: v3.3.0/3.3.1


  • Improved power meter management – The power meter manager has been significantly enhanced for Gen 1, 2, and 3 Stages Power meters and is divided into 3 sections (Info, Data, and Advanced). New troubleshooting modes can be accessed remotely by the customer when receiving technical support from Stages.
  • Commercial mode – For technicians using the app to update multiple power meters, you can now disable the option to save power meters. Add a new device, select power meter, tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the power meter search page, then uncheck Save power meter.


  • User weight is sent to connected TrainingPeaks accounts (disconnect and reconnect your TrainingPeaks account connection to enable).
  • Comparison period options added in the peaks graph in the ride detail section.
  • Time-in-zone tooltip appears when tapping zones on the zone graph in the ride detail section.
  • Any course can be shared using the phone’s native share functionality.
  • Edit courses created in the app after saving them.
  • Ride with GPS connection uses OAUTH2 protocol, and users will be prompted to reconnect.
  • When a new field is created in the page editor, it is the field selected for metric editing.
  • Side scroll ability added between Calendar, Summary, and Fitness tabs.
  • Data handling updated to Data settings, and preset settings added in the Dash manager.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple improvements to third-party connection ride sync.
  • Fixes to the course builder.
  • Activities will be deleted when requested from the ride summary.
  • Whatsapp notifications on Dash via Android app are now working correctly.
  • Various other bug fixes.

Date: 07/19/2022

Current Release #: v3.3.1 (iOS Only)

Replaces Release #: v3.3.0


  • Fixes to support 3.1.0 Stages Dash release.

Date: 07/05/2022

Current Release #: v3.3.0

Replaces Release #: v3.2.0


  • Course builder and navigation to any point – Create a course in the Stages Cycling app by tapping on a map:
    • Create a course by searching for any location.
    • Create a course by tapping on the map.
    • Edit existing waypoints for seamless navigation.
    • Add waypoints to existing course lines for additional control over the route.
    • New courses include navigation cues.
    • Send courses made in the app directly to the Dash.
    • Save courses for later use. Saved courses appear in the course library within the Dash manager.


  • Add navigation cues feature added for courses that do not already include navigation cues.
  • Convert any completed ride to a course and save the course to the list of courses.
  • TrainingPeaks users can now view their planned workouts in the calendar.
  • Better error handling for LR pairing of Stages power meters.
  • Komoot connections no longer require entering a username.
  • New warning dialogs added to the Dash summary page. Tapping them directs to where issues can be fixed and dismissing them removes them completely.
  • A delete account data option is now available.
  • LR balance, max heart rate, max power, and max speed display on the ride summary page.
  • Numerous third party activity upload improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sharing completed ride files with iOS native share functionality now includes the FIT file as an attachment.
  • Shared courses on Android are now displayed in the Dash course tab.
  • Force quitting no longer deletes the Ride with GPS connection.
  • Playing a song on Spotify on Android no longer generates multiple notification events on the Dash.
  • Course lists can now be more than 49 courses long.
  • Longer text no longer overflows for some buttons.
  • General file transfer improvements have been made, iOS no longer sends an empty file to the Dash.
  • Fixed an out of place icon in the Dash page editor tool.

Date: 05/23/2022

Current Release #: v3.2.0

Replaces Release #: v3.1.0


  • Added a summary page to the Dash manager.
  • Added ride averaging in the Ride page for summary metrics.
  • Simplified the StagesBike controller.
  • Added recommended settings for third party connections to the StagesBike info page.
  • Added a warning to the Dash summary page when there are no Wi-Fi networks saved to the Dash and when the Dash has no maps.
  • Added a Wi-Fi check for selecting a map download via Wi-Fi. If a Wi-Fi network is not saved, a prompt to add one will display.
  • Split StagesBike shifting feedback into 2 separate settings: Audio and Vibrate.
  • Added an option to delete account entirely from the Stages Cycling app.

Bug Fixes: 

  • iOS app display all available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Android app bottom bar no longer hides various Continue and Confirm buttons.
  • StagesBike control mode icons are now visible in both light and dark mode.
  • Fitness page spinner no longer persists indefinitely.
  • Wi-Fi networks with no password can be sent to the Dash.

Date: 04/07/2022

Current Release #: v3.1.0

Replaces Release #: v3.0.1


  • Target power control tool – When the target power control mode is selected, a new tool has been added to change target power:
    • Manual number editor – Current target power displays in the middle of the screen under the StagesBike tab on the Ride screen. This value can be edited by tapping the plus and minus buttons above or below the numbers.
    • Zone slider – Customizable power zones slider added to the StagesBike tab on the Ride screen. The left of the slider is always set to 0w, and the right is a customizable number in watts. The max target power can be changed under the StagesBike manager, with the default setting set to 500w.
  • Revised control mode selector
    • Control modes are now managed by tapping the icon in the top right corner of the StagesBike section on the Ride screen.
  • Activity achievements – Achievements are displayed on the ride summary page when connected to Stages Link web.


  • Added auto connect setting for power meters and heart rate monitors.
  • Added a preset workout toggle to the workout tab in the Dash manager.
  • Revamped search and filter design for courses and workouts.
  • Added a checkmark for all active connections.
  • Improved profile and name editing.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fitness and Summary tabs on the Home page now display data for free and paid subscribers.
  • After updating StagesBike firmware, the app reconnects to the bike successfully.
  • Added missing translations.
  • Deleting a ride instead of saving no longer displays a syncing notification.
  • Invalid Ride with GPS files no longer appear as courses.
  • Firmware update icon reliably displays update status.
  • Correct average speed displays on the ride summary page.
  • Eat and drink reminders can be edited.
  • Name and description for completed rides send to connected platforms.

Date: 03/24/2022

Current iOS Release #: v3.0.1

Replaces iOS Release #: v3.0.0


  • Improved UI for editing profile names and other names in the app to ensure name change is saved.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Email consent preference persists after reinstallation of the app.
  • Profile orientation can no longer be changed for existing Dash profiles to avoid strange page layout results.
  • Average speed now displays correctly on the ride summary page.
  • Dash firmware update icon consistently appears when there is an update available.
  • App no longer crashes when it attempts to connect to the SB20.
  • LR balance is no longer reversed on the Ride page.

Date: 03/09/2022

Current Release #: v3.0.0

Replaces Release #: n/a

  • Initial release