Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 User Guide

List of Metrics by Category

Power Category

Power Fields Unit
Power W
Power zone P zone
Watts per kilogram w/kg
% Funct. threshold power % FTP
Left/Right balance LR Bal
Pedal smoothness Pdl Sm
Torque efficiency T Eff
Normalized Power® * NP
Adjusted Power Adj W
Training Stress Score® * TSS
Intensity Factor® * IF
T-Score T scr
Kilojoule kJ
Calories Cal
Calories per hour Cal/h
Power color wheel
Power zone color wheel
Torque Nm

Heart Rate Category

Heart Rate Fields Unit
Heart rate bpm
% Functional thres HR % FThr
% Max heart rate %HR Max
Heart rate zone HR Zn
Calorie Cal
Calories per hour Cal/h
Heart rate color wheel
Heart rate zone color wheel

Movement Category

Movement Fields Unit
Distance mi or km
Speed mph or km/h
Elevation ft or m
Total ascent ft or m
Total descent ft or m
Vertical ascent meters VAM
Gradient %
Heading NSEW

Time and Cadence Category

Time and Cadence Fields Unit
Total ride time HH:MM:SS
Lap time Lap
Time of day ToD
Elapsed time t El
Cadence rpm

Course Category

Course Fields Unit
Navigation cues
Distance to next mi or km
Distance to end mi or km
Ascent to next  ft or m
Ascent to end  ft or m

Workout Category

Workout Fields Unit
Workout step duration
Workout step target
Workout graph
Workout intensity
Next step
Previous step
Secondary step target
Trainer control

Widget Category

Widget Unit
Workout graph
Power color wheel
Power zone color wheel
Heart rate color wheel
Heart rate zone color wheel
Trainer control

Special Category

Special Fields Unit
Dash battery % Bat
Ambient temperature °F or °C

*TSS® (TRAINING STRESS SCORE®), NP® (NORMALIZED POWER ®), and IF® (INTENSITY FACTOR ®) are trademarks of TrainingPeaks, LLC and are used with the permission. Learn more at www.trainingpeaks.com.