Dash M50/L50 - Stages Dash M50/L50 Firmware

Download the latest firmware release:

Firmware Release

Power on your Stages Dash and plug it in to your laptop or desktop computer via USB (using the provided USB cable).

  1. Copy the .uhupkg file to the Dash.
  2. After the file transfer is complete, unplug the Dash.
  3. The update will start automatically.

 ATTENTION: Make sure your Dash is charged to at least 15% battery before updating firmware.


To update your Dash with Stages Sync, visit the Sync Firmware Update page.
Note: Sync is not compatible with Dash firmware version 2.5.1 or higher.

Date: 04/20/21 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v2.5.2

Replaces Release #: v2.5.1


  • Added an error message to instruct that the Dash must be removed from a phone’s device list before pairing can successfully occur.

Bug Fix:

  • Prevents “BLE Core Restart” messages from appearing on the Dash when syncing or pairing with Stages Link app on Android.

Date: 01/14/21 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v2.5.1

Replaces Release #: v2.4.2


  • Smart Profiles – Smart profiles automatically add new pages to the existing page set based on connected sensors and existing page contents.
  • Smart Light Connectivity – Pair to ANT+ enabled bike lights to change their mode, power on and off, and view their battery level from the Dash.
  • Ride preview – Press the ride start button to preview your ride screen.
  • Set your Activity type to assist Stages Link and other training platforms in categorizing your rides.


  • Sensor icons updated to fit more icons across the status bar. Icons will now also indicate pairing status:
    • Red: Searching
    • Green: Paired
  • Courses and workouts added to the in-ride menu.
  • Time to go at the end of a workout step instead will display a negative value (“-0:02”).
  • Calendar courses and workouts sorted by date in menu.
  • Trainer sends distance at end of ride.
  • Data field borders in night mode changed to grey instead of white.
  • Raw barometer readings logged in fit files.
  • Ukrainian language added.
  • Sensor menu items that contain no data are hidden.
  • Firmware filename reflects the version ID for all future releases.
  • Improved sensor connectivity during a ride where ANT sensors are paired to the active profile but not present (searching reduces after 5 minutes).

Bug Fixes:

  • L50 successfully exits USB mode.
  • Dash map tile names appear correctly.
  • Dash no longer reboots after being ejected from PC.
  • Course cue sheet will no longer appear when there are no navigation cues to display.
  • Dash ends workouts with a final lap event.
  • Link app sync issues resolved.
  • Screenshots in landscape mode save in the correct orientation.
  • 3s average gradient no longer maxes out at 10%.
  • Lap history chart and lap overlay ascent metric appear correctly.
  • Speed appears in the lap overlay when Trainer is selected as a movement source.
  • SRM power meter reporting corrected.
  • Dash battery reporting updates continuously instead of jumping from a low value to 100%.
  • WKO4+ workouts with auto laps no longer create extra laps.
  • Altitude and temperature logging issues resolved.
  • Low battery reports for connected sensors will appear as expected.
  • ANT sensors of different type with the same ANT ID can be paired at the same time.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Date: 11/17/20 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.4.2

Replaces Release #: 2.4.1

Bug Fix:

  • Deleted sensors no longer cause a freeze on the Dash home screen.

Date: 07/17/20 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.4.1

Replaces Release #: 2.4.0

Bug Fixes:

  • Course files with a high number of navigation cues work as expected.
  • Stages Link app pairing interruptions resolved.

Date: 07/09/20 (m/d/y)

Release #: 2.4.0

Replaces Release #: 2.3.1

Notable Features:

  • Graphing data fields: Add graphs to data pages for five key metrics: power, heart rate, speed, elevation, and cadence.


  • All sensor preferences (for cases where there is more than one source of data) moved to the profile settings.
  • Cadence, speed, and distance from a trainer are saved in the FIT file.
  • 3-second power and cadence fields go to zero irrespective of P+C zeros setting.
  • Color wheel improvements for visibility in all cell sizes.
  • Lap time added to color wheel when not in a workout.

Bug Fixes:

  • Time zone settings are retained after firmware updates.
  • Battery level reports correctly for ANT legacy sensors.
  • Dash correctly honors sleep setting when GPS is lost while GPS pause is enabled.
  • SRM power meter issues resolved.
  • Lap speed appears correctly in the lap overlay and lap history chart.
  • Lap heart rate displays correctly in the color wheel.
  • Default position of the arrow in the color wheel is now 0.

Date: 5/13/20 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v2.3.1

Replaces Release #: v2.2.1

Notable Features:

  • Trainer Control:
    • Connect to ANT+ FE-C enabled trainers.
    • New trainer control data field.
    • Control resistance and active trainer workouts using interactive data fields.
    • Disable control and use the device in view-only mode to display trainer data.
  • Interactive Data Fields: Fields with additional options will show a cog icon in the bottom left corner for 10 seconds.


  • Enter custom wheel sizes for speed sensors using the text editor.
  • Sensor data preferences (power source, cadence source, and movement source) moved to profile settings (previously in the individual sensor menu).
  • Increased resolution for elevation recording from 2m to 20cm.
  • Sensor limit increased from 10 to 14 for ANT, 12 for Bluetooth.
  • Added sensor limit notification.

Bug Fixes:

  • Dash no longer goes to sleep while a ride is active.
  • Actual kilojoule values are reported.
  • Phone notification snooze setting now resets after a ride.
  • Adjusted power and T-score remain accurate over longer rides.
  • Dash powers off after 1 hour of sleep regardless of phone notifications.
  • Power2Max Bluetooth connection repaired.
  • Sensor disconnect and reconnect no longer results in a big power spike when the user starts pedaling before reconnect.

Date: 4/7/20 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v2.2.1

Replaces Release #: v2.2.0


  • Target RPM field expanded to fit three digits.
  • Saved indication added to edit pages.
  • Targets in the Power or Heart Rate Zone data fields now report to the tenth place.

Bug Fixes:

  • Maps remain visible after editing a page with a map on it during a ride.
  • Dash no longer records sensor data during paused time, in order to resolve some issues on platforms that do not treat pause and resume events correctly.
  • Indoor rides with no GPS are now listed in the current timezone rather than defaulting to GMT +0.
  • Workout steps with no targets are now handled correctly, and will show no target definition.
  • Workout notification settings now work as intended.

Date: 3/17/20 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v2.2.0

Replaces Release #: v2.1.1

Notable Features:

  • Map tool update – streamlined pan and zoom functionality.
  • Workout graph enhancements:
    • Power/heart rate graphs now appear on top of target values in the workout graph.
    • Target range is now shaded on the workout graph (instead of max target value).
    • Workout graph zooms to the current for the first 30 seconds, then shows the current and next 4 intervals.
    • Graph y-axis includes a 100 W buffer above the largest interval target.
    • Workout graph remains viewable past the end of a workout.
  • Sleep mode added.
  • Charging indication while Dash is powered off.
  • Outer and inner interval support through Stages Link workout builder.



  • New tones specific to radar notifications.
  • Added Thai language.
  • Added wheel size prompt when adding a new speed sensor.
  • Snooze phone notifications temporarily during a ride using the shortcut overlay.
  • Stages LR meters paired via Bluetooth now show left/right balance.
  • Changes to any settings in the Link app will immediately show up on the Dash.
  • Veloviewer courses exported as FIT files now have navigation cues.
  • Added support for Favero Assioma pedals.
  • Added support for Cinch power meters.
  • Added support for PowerTap pedals.


Bug Fixes:

  • Shortcut menu functions as intended while viewing the sensor search page.
  • Power and cadence averages in .FIT files are consistent with Dash UI.
  • Garmin speed sensors paired to profiles with sensor pause enabled no longer cause numerous start/stop notifications.
  • Correct speed data is now recorded during GPS pause (speed prior to pause is no longer held as a constant).
  • Garmin Vector pedals ANT ID’s now appear correctly in sensor menus.
  • Rides completed on the last day of some months appear in the correct month within ride history.
  • Average speed displayed during a ride now matches the average speed reported in ride history.
  • Files over 2GB are now successfully deleted when executing a factory reset.
  • Dash now drops power and cadence values to 0 while stopped.
  • Lap average speed now displays correctly in the lap summary overlay.

Date: 12/10/19 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v2.1.1

Replaces Release #: v2.1.0

Bug Fix:

  • Connecting both a speed sensor and radar via ANT would cause disconnect/connect overlays to repeatedly appear.

Date: 12/03/19 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v2.1.0

Replaces Release #: v2.0.0

Notable Features:

  • Radar integration – Connect to the Varia radar to be notified of oncoming cars from your Dash. Radar integration includes:
    • Approaching car display provides alerts for proximity and relative speed.
    • Enable audio and visual notifications for approaching vehicles.
  • Edit profile data pages from the Link App. Available with version 2.4.2 and later on both iOS and Android.
    • Add and delete profiles.
    • Add and delete pages.
    • Adjust field layouts and field size.
    • Customize fields.
  • Custom training zones – Customize training zone ranges, add/delete zones, and change zone colors.


  • Calendar workouts and courses synced to the Dash now show the date in front of their name.
  • Zero reset values are now saved in the FIT file and tracked in the Power Meter tab in Stages Link.
  • Courses from VeloViewer now include navigation cues.
  • Settings synced from the Link App now appear on the Dash settings page immediately.
  • When in low or metered power modes, a notification will wake the Dash.
  • Error logging is now recorded in the logs file in .dash > logs.
  • Ride file save time is significantly reduced.
  • Auto-zone FTP detection now allows you to accept the new value or keep your current FTP.
  • Drag files directly onto the Dash, as previously possible only to the add_files folder. The Dash will now read the files and place them in the correct folders. Add_files still works as it has.
  • “Synced to Link” icon added to ride history records.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an instance of maps freezing while riding a course.
  • Occasionally the UI would show distance accumulation, but the FIT file would not. The FIT file now records movement the same as the UI display.
  • Dash rides now show total descent in Stages Link.
  • Korean characters are no longer cut off in data fields.
  • Battery percentage on the M50 could be inaccurate and jump around between charge cycles.
  • Dash now reads SRM power meters correctly.
  • Courses with accents or other special characters in their names now work in the add_files folder.

Date: 11/19/19 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v2.0.0

Replaces Release #: v1.1.2

Notable Features:

  • Battery life improvement for both M50 and L50: Extends Dash run time to 11+ hours, even while using functions like maps, courses, power, and heart rate sensors. In Low power mode, run times up to 24h are possible (L50).
  • GPS reception improvement.
  • Map text, course directionality, and map loading speed improvements.
  • Demo mode.


  • Faster startup time when powering on.
  • Ride records will now include both the date and start time, rather than end time, so you know when they occurred.
  • Next step workout overlays appear before the start of the next step so you know what’s coming.
  • Completed ride files now auto-associate with courses and workouts previously added to the Stages Link calendar.
  • Improved power meter connectivity (occasional disconnections resolved).
  • Improved accuracy for ride metrics, including average speed, altitude, distance, heart rate, and calories.
  • Added factory reset option: reset user settings & profiles while retaining workouts, courses and maps.

Bug Fixes:

  • Workouts and courses can now be added to rides in progress.
  • GPS and power metrics will no longer record when a ride is paused.
  • Heart rate data will continue to update when a ride is paused.
  • Heart rate sensors will stay connected when a ride is paused.
  • Dash could get stuck in “Entering USB mode”—Dash now enters USB mode successfully.
  • Reported battery life will now reflect actual battery life when Dash is fully charged.
  • Compliance targets in Link will match Training Peaks targets.
  • Data fields for sensors that disconnect will now show “–”
  • Text is formatted to fit within data field boundaries without bleeding into other fields.
  • Page editing will no longer result in duplicate fields populating on pages.
  • Auto-backlight mode issues are resolved.
  • T-Score continues accurate calculation for T-scores above 200.
  • Some intensity factor spans would not show data—those not supported have been removed.

Date: 9/18/19 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v1.1.2

Replaces Release #: v1.1.1

Bug Fixes:

  • At low elevation, the Dash can at times stop logging altitude data for the rest of the ride.
  • FIT file can become corrupted.

Date: 8/27/19 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v1.1.1

Replaces Release #: v1.0.1


  • Added ride history functionality.
  • Added lap history preset page and lap summary overlay.
  • Added adaptive zones feature to auto-adjust FTP and FThr based on recent ride data.
  • Added new power management settings to optimize battery usage.
  • Overall battery life improvements.
  • Increased text size for units to improve readability.
  • Map improvements: Updated color for breadcrumb trail, course overlap indicator, progress indicator for pan/zoom tools and map tile loading.
  • Added navigation cues data field.
  • Added next step and previous step workout data fields.
  • Added last lap span for data fields.
  • Added workout compliance to ride files to allow users to view compliance information in Stages Link.
  • Outer interval support for Stages Link workouts containing both outer and inner intervals.
  • Workout graph auto zoom feature: Workout graph will zoom to a 5-minute scale within 30s of an interval ending.
  • Faster ride sync over Bluetooth.
  • Workouts can be added during a ride.
  • FIT file improvements (ride summary and device/sensor information).
  • Various other minor improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Speed/cadence sensor bug: Fixes issues with over reported distance when using a speed sensor.
  • Fixed heart rate zone issues.
  • Fixed heart rate zone color wheel issues.
  • Fixed power meter auto zero and crank length settings.
  • Fixed various issues with RideWithGPS course files.
  • Fixed workout cadence targets.
  • Fixed rapid fluctuations in gradient and elevation.
  • Time of day not updating while paused.
  • Fixed map flipping issue.
  • Various other minor bug fixes.

Date: 6/10/19 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v1.0.1

Replaces Release #: n/a

  • Initial Release.