Dash M200/L200 - Stages Dash M200/L200 User Guide

Heart Rate Graph

Heart rate is displayed as a bar colored by your personal heart rate zones. The default scale of the heart rate graph field is FTHR+10%.

Zone Color
Zone 1 Blue
Zone 2 Green
Zone 3 Yellow
Zone 4 Orange
Zone 5 Red
Zone 6 Purple
Zone 7* Pink

*Stages default heart rate includes 6 zones, but more can be added when zones are customized in the Stages Cycling app.

FTHR is shown on the graph as a dotted line. If heart rate exceeds FTHR+10%, the graph will adjust the scale to match the max value in the current span.

Dash heart rate graph color wheel displayed

When that value is no longer displayed, as graphing data is replaced in a fixed span, the graph will readjust its scale to return to either the max heart rate value or to FTHR+10%.