Dash M200/L200 - Stages Dash M200/L200 User Guide

Trainer Control

Add Trainer Control to any of your ride profiles to control settings on smart trainers and smart bikes.

First, pair to your smart bike or trainer by going to Connections > Manage sensors > Add sensors > Search via ANT to find and pair the trainer or bike to the Dash.

To control your trainer from a Dash page, you will need to do one of the following:

Use the Trainer control field to:

  • Control resistance using Erg mode, Level mode, or Sim mode.
  • Control a trainer with your active workout.
  • Disable control for display mode to control a bike or trainer with another device.
Screen View Mode Forward Backward
Sim mode:
Change gradient by 0.5% increments.
Increases grade by 0.5%. Decreases grade by 0.5%.
Erg mode:
Define targets in 5-watt increments.
Increases the target wattage by 5 watts. Decreases the target wattage by 5 watts.
Level mode:
Change resistance in increments of 0.5 within a range of 1-20.
Increases the level by 0.5. Decreases the level by 0.5.
Workout mode:
The active workout controls the trainer. Scale changes persist throughout the workout.
Scales the workout target up by 1%.  Scales the workout target down by 1%.
External mode:
Disables trainer control (view-only).

Power, cadence, speed, and distance data from a trainer will appear in your Dash and in the .FIT files.