Dash M200/L200 - Stages Dash M200/L200 User Guide

Installing the Out-Front Mount

Once you’re ready to ride, you will need to install your Stages Dash mount onto your bicycle to get going. Each Dash comes with an out-front quarter-turn mount. A 2.5 mm hex wrench will be required to install the Dash mount on your handlebars.


  1. Position the handlebar clamp ring to the right of the stem and between any cables and the 31.8 mm handlebar.
  2. Close the handlebar clamp ring around the handlebar.
    Dash mount install
  3. Insert the screw into the hole of the clamp ring and use a 2.5 mm hex wrench to tighten the ring on the handlebars.
    Hex wrench securing mount in place
  4. Tighten the screw to 0.25 N⋅m.

Landscape mode

To use your Dash in landscape mode:

  1. Using a 2 mm hex wrench, remove the two screws on the mount insert to separate the insert and backing plate from the mounting arm.
  2. Rotate the mount insert 90 degrees within the mounting arm.
  3. Using a 2 mm hex wrench, reinstall the screws into the horizontal holes of the insert and mounting arm and thread them into the backing plate on the underside of the mount. Slide the mount insert fore and aft into the desired position before tightening the screws completely.