Dash M200/L200 - Stages Dash M200/L200 Firmware

To check for an update via Wi-Fi:

Go to Connections > Wi-Fi > Sync now.

To update via USB, download the latest firmware release.

Firmware Release

Power on your Stages Dash and plug it in to your laptop or desktop computer via USB (using the provided USB cable).

  1. Copy the .uhupkg file to the Dash.
  2. After the file transfer is complete, unplug the Dash.
  3. The update will start automatically.

 ATTENTION: Make sure your Dash is charged to at least 15% battery before updating firmware.

Date: 12/06/22 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.2.0

Replaces Release #: v3.1.0


  • Shimano E-Bike compatibility – Dash computers now connect to and display data from Shimano STEPS-equipped E-bikes.


  • Better GPS pause filtering.

Bug fixes:

  • Dash battery charge reaches 100%.
  • Time of day displays correctly after midnight.
  • Radar notification bar no longer shows red when no cars are approaching.
  • LR balance does not appear in ride history when no LR balance data exists.
  • Varia Radar and other smart lights correctly respond to on/off commands.
  • Interval beep warning occurs for each interval when interval steps repeat.
  • Ascent to next and distance to next fields populate with accurate data.
  • Sleep screen no longer appears while in battery saver mode.

Date: 07/19/22 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.1.0

Replaces Release #: v3.0.8



  • When in sleep mode, a sleep screen is displayed instead of only dimming the backlight.
  • Total ascent and descent display as 0 instead of “–”.
  • The lap span indicator in the graph changes to minutes format after 60s.
  • Map colors adjusted for dark mode.
  • FE-C device changes to Sim mode if a workout is removed mid-ride.
  • HR color wheel unit changed from BPM to the HR icon.
  • L/R balance goes to zero.
  • Sim mode commands are sent to FE-C equipment for workout laps without power targets.
  • GPX track support added.

Bug fixes:

  • Overlay menus no longer appear with the wrong menu item selected.
  • TCX files display cues and elevation profiles when loaded in a ride.
  • Switching from dark to light mode mid-ride no longer causes the breadcrumb trail to be lost.
  • The lap overlay displays average power when using an automatic profile.
  • The home screen displays if a USB data connection was plugged in mid-ride.
  • 30s gradient should work correctly.
  • Changing from a trainer to a power meter as the power source mid-ride no longer causes power fields to appear blank.
  • GPX courses with invalid fields can be loaded correctly.
  • Trainer control data field displays control value consistently.
  • Map distortion no longer appears at the top of the map.
  • All fit courses load into courses files instead of some remaining in the add_files directory.
  • Workouts deactivate correctly when deactivated from the ride screen menu.
  • Workout graph power line is no longer difficult to see when the interval is yellow in dark mode.
  • The cue sheet displays the next cue at the top of the sheet.
  • Lap Normalized Power works as expected.

Date: 06/06/22 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.0.8

Replaces Release #: v3.0.7

Bug fixes:

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Date: 05/16/22 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.0.7

Replaces Release #: v3.0.6

Bug fixes:

  • Minor fixes.

Date: 05/09/22 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.0.6

Replaces Release #: v3.0.5

Bug fixes:

  • Minor fixes.

Date: 03/24/22 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.0.5

Replaces Release #: v3.0.4

Bug fixes:

  • Incorrect ride dates no longer appear in the ride history.

Date: 3/10/22 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.0.4

Replaces Release #: v3.0.1


  • Increased the number of cues that fit on the cue sheet to 500.

Bug Fix:

  • TCX files loaded to the add_files folder now show correct navigation, points of interest, and elevation.
  • Fixed ride history.

Date: 1/26/22 (m/d/y)

Current Firmware Release #: v3.0.1

Replaces Release #: n/a

  • Initial Release.