Accessories - Stages Pulse Heart Rate Sensor User Guide

Fit & Pairing


The strap should be worn high enough across the chest that it passes the heart, with the Stages logo and LEDs facing away from the body. Adjust the strap so that it is snug without constricting breath or movement.


To pair the sensor, you should be wearing the monitor and be within 30 feet of the device you want to pair to.

  1. Apply moisture or heart rate monitor electrode cream to the contact points on the inside surface of the strap.
  2. With the heart rate pod snapped into the belt, secure the belt around your chest. The LED flashes green when heart rate is detected, indicating the unit is active. The strap must be on the chest to pair.
  3. Activate the pairing process on your device.
  4. For ANT+ devices, the ANT+ ID can be located on the back of the heart rate monitor pod. Select this device ID from your device’s pairing menu.
  5. If pairing is successful, the blue LED will light up.